Did you know that the planet we live in gets an incredible amount of power from a star?  Yes, that star is the sun.  Our sun is pretty much like a fusion reactor that creates enormous amounts of energy, and has been doing so, for what some believe to be billions of years.  It is said that our sun will produce enough energy in 60 seconds, that would be capable of supplying earth with energy for a whole year.  Crazy right?  What is even more interesting is that the sun could produce almost 30 years of energy for the planet in 1 year.


With solar energy we could have an unlimited amount of needed energy produced.  It could potentially be an inexhaustible source of power.  In the year 1767, a scientist from Switzerland named Horace De Saussure created one of the first thermal solar powers.  The Swiss scientist used it for heat to boil some water and cook a hot meal.

Solar Panels are becoming more popular each and every year.  Although solar panels appear to be very strong and durable on the outside, it is a very detailed and technical procedure in producing a panel.

Normally most solar modules or panels have something called silicon wafers in it. What these units do is make a semiconductor which essential turns sun rays into an electric current.  What happens next is electricity connections are made which combines one solar cell to other ones.

When a homeowner decides to include these power sources to their home, they have decided to lower their electricity bills and save money.  20 years ago, to have something like this was a very expensive procedure.  However the cost of having this system installed has gone down in price extremely.  This is one of the reasons more and more people are adding them to their home.  The cost and the return on investment makes a lot of sense, and saves a lot of dollars in the long run.

One of the highest electricity consumers in a home is the HVAC system.  If you live in an area where it is extremely hot or cold then chances are you run your system a lot, and you probably have a very high energy bill.  Adding solar panels on the roof of a house will help lower the costs.

The great thing is they now have more advanced solar systems.  You can now find solar systems that can analyze how much energy is being produced right from the convenience of your own computer.  It will give reports so you can see what part of the year you are getting the most energy, and also what time of day.  You will be able to tell which panels produce the most electricity, and which need to be adjusted or moved to get the maximum power.

There is also off grid type of solar energy systems that are available in the market.  What stand alone grid means, is that the system is not connected to any public grid.  When you go completely off the grid it means your must completely create your own energy.


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